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In 1996, I left the financial markets and set out for the clear skies and wide-open spaces of Vermont to pursue my vision of the perfect potato chip. Ten years later, I have never looked back and have never eaten better!

I started by hand-slicing small batches of fresh New England potatoes into a small French-fry cooker I borrowed from a friend with a restaurant. After experimenting with different oils, potatoes and seasonings, my plan was simple: to find the point at which perfect flavor merged with a healthy, simple recipe.

Read Our PledgeEventually, I found that perfect recipe: Select North American potatoes cooked in pure high-monounsaturated canola oil and topped with only all natural spices, herbs and sea salt. Nothing artificial is used, ever - only simple, premium, healthful and naturally delicious ingredients go into making our chips.

See The Madhouse CreedLife became a Madhouse from that point on! As word got out about our products, our popularity among chip connoisseurs grew at a frantic pace. While we have been copied and shoved around by the "Big Guys" in the chip world, they just can't seem to get it right, and for now, our unique micro-chips are, alone, at the top.

I certainly hope that you enjoy Madhouse Munchies as much as we do.


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Jim Ehlen, Founder